Solving My Long and Complex Dream

After solving the above three dreams, I was convinced that another recurrent dream I had also had a physical cause. This dream was long and complex, but always the same. It starts out pleasantly. I am going out for a hike, and in front of me is a gentle hill or rolling meadow leading, in the distance, to a mountain. The first indication that something was amiss came from that mountain. It went up in shear vertical cliffs and the top was so high that I could barely see it. Nevertheless, I would embark on my hike, but immediately a scary situation arises: I am at the edge of a vertical cliff, and I can't even see the bottom! Getting afraid, I immediately turn around and try to go back, but the ledge that I am traveling on becomes narrower, like I am walking on a gymnast's balancing beam. Finally, I am sensing that I am near the end, but must cross a final hurdle: a river! Before hopping over rocks to cross the river, I test it with my hand, and the water is cold and deep. At about this stage, the dream ends. How would I explain such a complex dream? I solved it again after I awoke immediately after the dream. I was sleeping at the edge of the bed, with one hand dangling down, out from under the blanket. Now I could explain every detail of my dream! My dream apparently starts with me sleeping on my stomach, my chin on the bed, and I am looking at the pillow in front of me (the rolling meadow). Beyond the pillow is the vertical wooden headboard made of blocks of Canadian walnut that look like a shear cliff, which is the mountain. With my chin on the bed, I can barely see the top of the headboard. So far, it is interesting that I am apparently looking at things in my sleep. Since I am sleeping on the edge of the bed, one hand falls off the edge, and that is the edge of the cliff that I am standing on. About seven inches from my bed is my night table with a narrow stepped edge like the top of a balancing beam (hard to describe). So my hand is apparently probing around. Since my hand is now out from under the blankets, it feels cold (the cold river). That's it! These explanations account for every detail of my dream! These explanations have convinced me that dreams CAN be interpreted, and that most of them may have physical causes. If this is all true, then we should be able to use the causes and explanations to deduce what the brain is doing during sleep. That's an exciting prospect even the soothsayer dream interpreters couldn't even dream of accomplishing.