Late-to-Exams or Getting-Lost Dream

This is another frustrating dream. Can you see a pattern emerging? I will speculate below why dreams tend to be negative or nightmarish. This is not one specific dream, but a class of dreams in which I am trying to get to an exam or go somewhere, but am late, and can't get there or find it. I might have to negotiate a steep slope or walk around buildings. Or if I am in a building, I am going through a maze of ramps, stairways, doors, elevators, etc., but I can't even get back to where I started. In fact, it gets worse and worse and more complex. After a while, I can get quite exhausted. This dream might occur when I am sleeping in an awkward or uncomfortable position from which I can't easily get out, like sleeping on my hand, or getting tangled up in the sheets or bedding. Any type of sleeping position that is uncomfortable, that I would like to get out of, but cannot do so easily while asleep. If I am tangled up in the sheets, I can't extricate myself easily while asleep, and the more I struggle, the more I get tangled up, and it can become exhausting. I have not been able to uniquely tie this family of dreams, or any of its members, directly to any specific cause, as for the other 3 dreams. However, I have a moderate case of sleep apnea, and the first onset of this type of dream coincides with what I estimate was the first onset of my sleep apnea. Thus the dream might be caused by my inability to breathe.

Whatever the precise cause, whether an uncomfortable position or sleep apnea, it is clear that if I had been awake, I would have easily figured out a solution. Thus the pattern that is emerging is that my ability to reason and solve problems is greatly impaired; very simple problems can stymie me while I am asleep.